This is a post from one of the kindest, generous spirits I have ever met and her precious daughter Sophina! The love they have for our First Responders is exactly what is needed and they are on a mission to save first responders using warm, homemade cookies and Life Coins!




I’m going to tell you a story of a ripple effect!


January 2020 – meeting Carol Castle


February 2020- Sophina’s Birthday Wish started to raise $5500 to be able to give first responders a “Life Coin”


March 13, 2020 Marcie and Todd gave $500 from their business- Fantastic Sams to cover their 

Litchfield First Responders (police, fire, rescue)


Sophina ended up raising $8,500!!!


Covid rules stopped everything


September 7, 2022 we met Jared and Sandy Minton who decided that they wanted to do something they’d never done….plans to bring both Litchfield Fire AND their Litchfield Rescue Squad came together for what would be a life changing evening that altered our lives ever since!


October 25, 2022 was not only my birthday but was when the gathering of the group of Litchfield Firefighters and Rescue Workers happened, for a life changing night for not only us but many there!


October 3, 2023 money given by the Litchfield Rescue Squad took care of Montrose Fire Department – Minnesota where we met Chief Kevin and Cory DeWitte and other firefighters on their department.


TODAY- We received a phone call from Chief Willie from Delano that set up the night Sophina and I will be bringing warm chocolate chip cookies and the coins that were DONATED BY the Montrose Fire Department!!!


Sophina’s Birthday Wish continues…a dear friend “suddenly felt led to give $500” last month then another friend (whom I haven’t seen in nearly four decades) gave $100 to Sophina’s continuous Birthday Wish shortly after that! ALL MONEY GIVEN has gone COMPLETELY to Sophina’s Birthday Button is STILL THERE. It’s now in her favorite color, red, and if you’d like to see this continue you can let me know or make sure you let Carol know that the money you give is toward Sophina’s Birthday Wish. If you’d like to sponsor YOUR first responder departments and have us deliver the cookies and coins, let us know that as well.


This is just ONE RIPPLE!!! We are COMPLETELY HONORED and humbled to be allowed to continue to do this!