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Please donate to help Sophina fulfill her birthday wish of bringing Life Coins to more of the Fire Fighters, Police Officers and EMS First Responders!

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Sophina is going to be 11 years old soon! Her wish this year is to do something to help give a tool to all of the first responders she has loved, prayed for, and brought a cookie to. Sophina met Firefighter Maury on September 15, 2016. She prayed for him after that day. Under a year later, Sophina found out that he had passed away. Sophina’s mom had been told how he had died. Last year, another firefighter from one of Sophina’s departments died by suicide. Sophina didn’t and still doesn’t know what suicide is but she knows this- she wants to help stop deaths of “her men and women first responders”. Sophina and her mom we’re praying for something tangible to help! Sophina’s mom saw a news spot about a mom who has started a way to help, after her own son had committed suicide. Sophina’s mom and Maury’s mom got together and realized that Sophina has her birthday wish!!! Now, Sophina wants to give a Life Coin to as give a Life Coin to as many of her men and women first responders that she can! You can help her! Donate here to help Sophina have her 11th birthday wish!

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